Jung Kook (BTS) cover: We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth

February 28, 2017

You can listen to the original We Don’t Talk Anymore by Charlie Puth, and get to know why I love this song in the “Playlist” section of my blog.

Here’s a cover of the song We Don’t Talk Anymore by Jung Kook of BTS

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We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

February 28, 2017

“We Don’t Talk Anymore” Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez

Struck a chord with me when it was initially released.
A song I believe a lot of people how can personally relate to.
Maybe not all in a romantic sense– even friendships and family fall out.

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Spring Day – BTS

February 16, 2017

Don’t forget to turn on CC for subtitles!

I found the lyrics from the actual/original video confusing or a bit “lost in translation” because of the order of words. So here’s another version of subtitles that help with understanding the lyrics.

So now, if you weren’t already listening to this song on repeat. You get to listen to it, again~ LUCKY YOU😉

From the nostalgic melody to the underlying storyline of the video. DEAD.

BTS always has great artistic direction in their videos, especially when there’s a bigger storyline or meaning when connecting all the videos.
“Spring Day” felt more western style pop, the build-up was still very Kpop-esque, but “the drop” went back to the drums and instrumentals almost with a rock-ish band quality.
The whole song felt more like it was from a band rather than a dance group– it’s a slow song but still upbeat.

I just have to say, when Suga comes in with the rap at 2:36– pushed my feels off the edge– if I wasn’t trapped with nostalgia already, now I’m outright depressed.

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January 25, 2017

Dear diary,

So another semester has started again…
More assignments, more papers, more finals…

(Tablo— musical genius– from EPIK HIGH (official), an alternative hip hop group. They held a concert in Vancouver back in May 2015. God blessed me since I got to shake hands with Tablo, contemplated about washing my hand after.. The post-concert depression was real.)

Anyway… 2 weeks in, and students are already wondering when this semester is going to be over or at least I was.
BUT THEN #holdyourbreath
I walk into my lab/tutorial class and there’s a kpop tab opened on the projector screen

(Bambam (left) and Jackson (right) from the Kpop boy group GOT7 (official). GOT7 also held a concert in Vancouver in November 2016, however I was unable to attend as I was travelling in South Korea at the time. But big congratulations to the friends who got the chance to meet them… I’m okay, I’m fine. REALLY. It’s just dust).

Lo and behold! Of course he has “BTS” opened #yaaas Please, who doesn’t love them.
No, don’t answer that.

(BTS or Bangtan Boys (official), currently one of the biggest boy bands in the Kpop industry. They received the “Album of the Year” award at the Seoul Music Awards 2016 for their album “WINGS,” bringing all the members to tears. You boys deserved it!)

Next step? SNAPCHAT #myTAisbetterthanyours

(Sunggyu from the boy band INFINITE (official). They have a sound of their own which fans or anyone who has listened to their music can easily identify. One of the first groups I was introduced to when I first started listening to Kpop– one of my OG Kpop boy groups.)

And here come the messages:

“OMG, where is this?”
“What class is that?”
“Your TA loves Kpop? Is he a fanboy?
“I’m so jealous”
“OMG, it’s BTS”
“OMG, [insert bias name here]”


Hold up, guys. It’s not over yet because the following week…

(BLACKPINK (official) a newly debuted girl group from YG Entertainment in 2016. I don’t really care for them, I feel they are overrated because of their representing company and the expectations set by the achievements of the senior groups at YG.)

You know, I could get use to this.

And for those who are interested in Kpop, but don’t understand Korean…

(Jimin from BTS)

a fangirl